In 2016 on the dry lands of an unremarkable place among children of unremarkable names was born an idea. It was not just a lucrative economic opportunity, it was hope for those standing in the Latehar District of Jharkhand, India, and countless other young minds deprived of quality education and infrastructure in the country. Rahul Gupta, Founder & CEO of schoolboxTM, was now checking off the eighth village on his list to visit 500 schools in rural and semi-urban areas of northern India to test the viability of his recently developed concept.

He and his team of technical experts and college friends had spent a significant period of time researching the sad state of affairs at government and private schools. They concluded that teachers were least interested to stay updated with modern technology, even so because they were usually overworked to the point of exhaustion and indifference. This led the team to contemplate a solution which could eliminate the inefficiencies of the Indian education system and penetrate to the grass root level of the social structure. The result of a rigorous brainstorming session was a unique technology, INTELLi- a patent pending artificial intelligence engine, developed in-house.

As they stood in a tiny school in Latehar talking to parents about this revolutionizing technology, they proceeded to demonstrate the relevance of the same to students through different videos to explain blood circulation in the human body. “It was important to explain the concept in multiple ways because every child has a different way of learning things. What works for one might not work for another”, said the team in unison. After each video the team asked how many students were thorough with the topic and more hands went up subsequently. At the end of five videos, all hands were stretched high above with an equally triumphant smile on all faces. That’s when they knew this was going to work, after all.

Smiley face team soon realized that their technology was not limited to the education sector. Having received the support and encouragement of several interested parties, they continued research on the applicability of INTELLi and developed products which could be used in a plethora of training jobs such as agricultural training, corporate exposure training, personal & interview training, and vocational training among others.
Thus began a journey of transforming the way we learn today so every learner can break the shackles of traditional education techniques and be taught in a way they truly understand. This is what will make a better tomorrow.

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