The Smiley face team strives for growth in more sectors than one. The wide applicability of INTELLi would eventually make it possible for us to venture into diverse training modules, especially where individual focus is vital for the success of the program. Our technology paves the way for a mutually beneficial collaboration with academic and professional entities.

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Institutional partnership with colleges to provide self-evaluative programs including Interview Simulator and Personality Development

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Affiliation with companies to provide corporate evaluative training programs and Human Resource Development

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Partnership with Skill Development organizations to enhance the quality of their training techniques

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Other industries where mass training policies render poor results on account of standardization

Our solution, when developed to its optimum potential, will successfully mitigate challenges associated with the ineffective delivery of education today. It will be instrumental in replacing the current scenario of the teacher-student exchange and will cater to the needs of the ever-growing generation of young, hungry-for-information learners.

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