In the context of the current Indian education system, is our initiative to revolutionize the learning experience in and out of the classroom. Our products are the perfect solution to match the pace of technological advancement around the world with INTELLi, our flagship technology powered by Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The Smiley faceMantra

Our technology has plenty of prospects, from agriculture, security, financial services to transportation and robotics. And we strongly believe that if we can fix education, we can eventually do everything else on this list.

What makes Smiley face Unique?

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Universally compatible platform with a wide range of applications

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Voice recognition of each individual for a deep and personalised experience

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Evaluation of all interactions for a continuous analysis of the learner’s queries and understanding

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Ongoing evaluation of the learner to generate responses catering to his/her specific needs

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Customized solutions considering the learner’s personal growth, IQ, and pace of learning
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Provision to simulate basic system in offline mode
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Support of an extensive educational library for resources

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We also provide systems that support solar-powered infrastructure with limited bandwidth internet connectivity, specially for remotely located learners

We aspire to reach every student who hopes to obtain a quality education, undeterred by demographic, financial, and social constraints, bringing them at par with the competitive curriculum of reputable schools and giving them a chance to turn their dreams into a reality.


To introduce technology in education and training which caters to every learner differently, cohesive with their specific abilities and pace of learning.


To transform learning into an interactive, tailor-made experience for each learner with technology based on machine learning and artificial intelligence for understanding which is targeted at individuals rather than groups.

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