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K12 Evaluative Education Platform:

A revolutionary, self-evaluative platform to educate and train with a personal touch.

Personal Interview Simulator:

Your personal trainer to teach you all the tips & tricks to crack stressful interviews.

Corporate Training:

Corporate gates can be tough. We’re here to help you glide through those doors with all the right acts up your sleeve.

Vocational Training Platform:

Trains to give the best output without any extra effort.

Financial Training:

Is money mapping a problem? Get answers from our INTELLigent advisor on all your financial concerns.

Skill Development Training:

It’s never too late to work on your skills. Nurture and develop latent talent into profitable competencies.

Smiley face ERP:

ERPs for schools, colleges and institutions. Our smart integrated system to manage core academic & business activities so you can relax and concentrate on strategies.

Smiley face smartCast:

smart class infrastructure.

Smiley face liveCast:

live remote classroom infrastructure. Teach multiple classrooms with a two way interactivity now possible with liveCast Architecture.

Smiley face testMe:

Online Test Series for Competitive Examinations. Prepare yourself for the most competitive examinations with the help of our test simulator to give you a taste of the D-Day!. Tests Available: JEE, NEET, Banking, IAS, KVPY with more being added each day.

Inventory Management Solutions:

Never run out of stocks and profits by keeping a track of your inventory.

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